What does a successful course look like?

Have you ever wondered what a successful course might look like? What is a successful course? Is it a course with snazzy graphics? Is it a course that has 10,000 different videos or is it a course with a number of modules that tend to go on and on and on? It’s none of those. […]

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How to measure the effectiveness of your course

An important part of delivering a successful course is to measure how well your students have understood the content and how well equipped they are to apply the learning in real life. To ensure that your students understand the content easily, your content needs to be relevant, specific, and engaging. Correct use of visual assets, […]

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Are you scared of producing videos for your audience?

One of the most common concerns I hear on my discovery calls is the reluctance of being on camera. Next comes the overwhelm of dealing with “all the tech” involved in creating videos. Let me address the technology part first. I believe technology is not something one needs to be wary of…at all. Every new […]

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