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Running late every morning? Need some alone time to meditate in the morning? Well, it’s time to become a morning person by waking up just a little bit earlier and use that time to not only get more things done but also to achieve wellness.

But not every one of us is a morning person. I know I am not. I used to be, but I fell into the habit of waking up later and later during my pregnancy. But nature has a way of whipping you back in shape. There were things I wanted to do for myself — like enjoy that morning cup of coffee (very important!) and sit quietly for 30 minutes before my toddler woke up and demanded all of my time for the rest of the day.

So then,

How to Become a Morning Person

Becoming a morning person not only helps you get more done and improve your wellness quotient.

Start the night before!

Here are five simple ways to make sure better chances of becoming a morning person.

Simplify dinner

Eat a simple dinner to allow your body to digest the food. Undigested food will lead to disturbed sleep. Food with too many spices or fried food items takes a lot longer to break down sending your digestion process into an overdrive. This can hinder your sleep cycle and we all know how difficult it is to wake up after a night of sleep deprivation. So simplify your dinner today to become a morning person.

Limit caffeine consumption

I get it! You need coffee to run at your full power. I do too! But I limit my intake to one cup a day after I wake up. Now, some of you may need more than just that one cup to keep you going, but at least set a rule that you will not drink any more caffeine after, say, 4 pm. No! Aerated drinks with dinner or tea/coffee after dinner is not a good idea. Cut off all sources of caffeine at least four hours before bedtime. No! Aerated drinks with dinner or tea/coffee after dinner is not a good idea.

Monitor screen time

There are studies upon studies that the light from electronic devices makes it difficult for you to fall asleep because it interferes with your circadian cycle. Sleep experts advise turning off all electronic items at least two hours before bedtime to achieve your goal of becoming a morning person. But hey, while you are at it, why not bring it up by another hour and spend that extra time catching up on your reading or with your family?

Ditch the curtains/blinds

I know, I know! I was like most other people who use blinds or heavy curtains and draw them at nightfall. Well, guess what, this will hamper your attempt at becoming a morning person. Worry not! There’s a simple solution. Leaving the curtains or blinds half-open, or at least going for sheer/light material curtains will still protect your privacy but wake you up naturally when the sun’s first rays filter into your room. This has been the biggest game-changer for me in the past one year.

Set alarm for 15 mins earlier

You will not become a morning person overnight. But be ready to take small steps. Waking up 15 mins before your regular wake-up time will allow your body to adapt to the changing schedule. It’s up to you whether you want to go as fast as waking up earlier every day or spread it out across several weeks until you reach your target wake-up time. I do this with my son every time we need to switch up his schedule because of a change in the school schedule, or an impending trip.

Remember to give yourself at least a couple of weeks to before you will see any sustainable results. After all, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

I am by no means an out-and-out morning person but I am on my way. I urge you to try these methods and be on your way to successfully become a morning person.

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Becoming a morning person not only helps you get more done and improve your wellness quotient.

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    • I know! Because I have been there. It takes a while but when you get there, trust me, you sleep soundly and wake up refreshed and ready to take on the day.

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