Audit & Recommendation Service

Do you have a course you launched with a lot of hope but it fizzled out?

Have you spent hours creating a course but don’t know if it’s ready for launch?

Are you ready to upgrade a course that is outdated?

Creating an online course or program is no child’s play.

You invest hours creating the perfect customer avatar. You spend days attracting fans on social media. You bust your back crafting a sales page that is top notch. You prime your audience to whip out their wallet & buy your course in an instant.

Yes, all of this is possible with great marketing.

But great marketing can only get you so far.

In your heart, you will know something is missing from your course!

I went to Mala after seeing more refund requests than I would have liked. Mala patiently worked with me to understand the intent behind my course and recommended engagement strategies that my students started lapping up instantly. Mala, I am so grateful for your support. You really turned my course around.

Ruchi R.

The internet is bursting at its seams with advice on how to promote and launch courses, but nobody talks about how to create content that is based on scientifically-proven learning theories and principles.

When you pay more attention to the marketing of the course than the course itself, you are basically putting the cart before the horse.

What’s going to pull your reputation—the horse or the cart?

With good marketing, you can have one good launch. But with well-designed course content, you can have multiple good launches.

I can show you how!

Hi, my name is Mala.

I am a Course Consultant, and I am here to help you break the shackles of marketing and pay attention to what really matter—strategies that make your course effective and memorable!

Mala Magotra | About2

If you want every course of yours to be the gold-standard in your chosen industry because your audience deserves nothing but the best…

If you want your course to have a massive impact on your students because you want to transform lives…

If you want your courses to expand your students’ knowledge base and upgrade their skillset effectively while keeping them at the center of it all…

You are in the right place.

Effective courses require much more than just recording a bunch of videos or typing out expanded blog posts. And you need someone who has the relevant experience, knowledge, and skillset to show you how!

Together, we will leverage my experience to create truly transformational courses that bring you:

  • Stream of repeat customers
  • Solid referrals
  • Glowing testimonials

After working with Mala, I’m so much more comfortable with the course creation process! I feel like I know enough to really create quality for my clients. I really valued her standardization and professionalism and felt like I was in expert hands. Every facet of the experience was wonderful!

Liz Bayerdelle

It’s time to convert your students into your biggest marketing plan. So, the next time you are ready to launch, you will have an army of raving fans doing the promotion for you.

Whether you are a one-hit wonder, the owner of countless failed courses, or a new course creator ready for launch, listen closely:

  • This is your chance to align your course goal with your students’ needs.
  • This is your chance to breathe life into your one-dimensional content!
  • This is your chance to help your students transfer their learning into the real world.
  • This is your chance to find out what could be!

If you are a course creator who cares deeply about transforming her student’s lives but just doesn’t seem to catch their pulse, then this Audit & Recommendation service is for you!

When you sign up for the Audit & Recommendation service, you get:

  • End-to-end custom review of your existing course as per industry standards.
  • Comprehensive action plan for the next version of your course.
  • Two 1-hour private calls with me to go through the course together and discuss the next steps and answer any other questions you may have.

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is the Audit & Recommendation service?

Writing instructional content—such as for a course or a coaching program—is a bit different from writing a blog post.

For example, identifying the content to include and the content to weed out; organizing content in a logical order; identifying strategies to present the content in the most effective manner; and many more. Together, these details form the core of Instructional Design.

Without these details, a course is guaranteed to fall flat on its face and students end up feeling unmotivated, frustrated, and regretful.

You don’t want that for your course, do you?!

The Audit & Recommendation service is designed to:

  • Identify the missing or flawed details of an existing course
  • Recommend strategies to address those problem areas

When you work with me, delivering learner-focused, transformational content will not only become your unique selling point but also an inherent habit of yours.

How long does it take to audit a course?

We will begin with a 1-hour Zoom call to walk through the course together.

Depending on the length of your course, it can take 5 to 10 days to audit the course and come up with recommendations.

At the end of the agreed-upon period, I will invite you to get on another 1-hour Zoom call with me. On this call, I will walk you through the areas that you can improve upon as well as brainstorm ideas to make some improvements.

How much does the program cost?

The fee varies depending on the length and complexity of the course. After our discovery call, you will receive a custom quote for your course.

Prices start at US $350. 

Do I really need to hire a course consultant to audit my course?

You don’t NEED to. But course creation requires a certain amount of specialized knowledge and skillset.

With over 15 years of experience creating courses for various clients, I have developed a solid sense of what works and what doesn’t.

Wouldn’t it help to hire a professional eye for your course?

When you sign up for the Audit & Recommendation service, you are leveraging my knowledge, experience, and skillset AND you are getting custom feedback on your course.

Together, we will create a transformational product that will also yield you a lifetime of passive income.

Win-win all around!

I’d say it’s a pretty great program to miss out on.

Will you rewrite my content?

No; the Audit & Recommendation service involves me reviewing your existing course for instructional effectiveness and recommending changes to improve the quality of your course.

Will you help me market/sell my course?

Please see the previous answer.

What is your refund policy?

Being a service-based entrepreneur, I follow a no-refund policy.

I am sure you understand that you are enrolling in this program to leverage my experience, knowledge, and skillset to scale your business.

As your consultant, it will be my job to teach you how to create actionable, engaging, and transformational courses for your audience.

But a teacher, coach, counselor can only guide you in the right direction; they can not guarantee your success.

Please respect the intangible gains and do not ask for a refund.

But how do I know you are any good?

I have worked with some of the best minds in the eLearning industry and have personally developed 1000+ hours of courses and curricula for them.

A couple of these courses have even won me international industry awards! #bragalert

That said, I can understand your hesitation.

To avoid any surprises along the way and to ensure we are the right fit for each other, you and I will get on a 30-minute complementary discovery session BEFORE you sign up for the program.

Remember we will not be discussing any specific course strategy on this call. Instead, the goal of this call will be understand your current business, the course in hand, how you created the course, etc.

Okay, how do we get started?

Step 1: You fill the application form.

Step 2: You will receive an email from me within 24 hours with the link to book your complementary 30-minute discovery session.