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How often have you sat at your desk after putting your children to sleep or finishing your day job, and suddenly did not know where to start?

As a new blogger, you feel overwhelmed even before you start working on your new blog post.

You are not sure whether you should finalize the post first, or separate your draft from your editing process. You sit at your desk and stare at your computer.

Finally, you give up and call it a day. I wrote about my frustrations as a new blogger. But, I wasn’t going to let that keep me down for too long. I needed to address those issues and tackle them head-on.

Here’s what I realized: this feeling of overwhelm is natural when you are being pulled in five different directions.

Perhaps you have young kids and they need your attention. Perhaps you have a large family and you want to cook three square meals for them every day. Perhaps you work full-time and have a small home-based business on the side.

Which way do you go first?

I knew there are things I CAN do to eliminate the overwhelm from my busy mom life. I decided to apply those same principles and guidelines to my blogging life and replicate the results.

5 Ways I’m Eliminating New Blogger Overwhelm 

Make Prioritization your Best Friend

The key to productivity is prioritization. Writing a simple To-Do list in no particular order does NOT count.

It is essential to identify and mark the order of priority.

Personally, I use the Eisenhower Decision Matrix to determine my priorities but you may have your own system.

The important thing is to have a system.

Use the Pomodoro Technique

Consider using the Pomodoro technique.

For those of you who do not know, Pomodoro is a productivity technique of working for 25 minutes on a single task and then taking a 5-minute break.

Each 25-minute window is called a Pomodoro.

After four Pomodoros (i.e. around the 2-hour mark), take a longer break of 15-30 minutes. This refreshes your brain and helps you maintain focus for longer durations.

The technique by itself is more detailed, and I will write a separate post on it.

Simplify and Automate the Systems/Processes

As you gain experience in the blogging field, you will start to see patterns emerging in the way you work, such as tasks that can be grouped together and executed together at a later time.

Based on your findings, simplify the processes.

For example, I once read a lifestyle blogger who admitted they pass their images through three different editing apps on their phones and then finally through Picmonkey. I think that’s too much.

Unless you are a professional photographer, I don’t see why you want to edit your photos so extensively. But to each his own.

What is important is that for your unique situation, identify the time suckers in your routines and eliminate those.

Additionally, automate what you can.

You are not just a blogger; you have other roles to fulfill too. Save some time by automating tasks.

As a new blogger, it is not practical to purchase all the essential automation tools at one go. But most of these tools have a free trial you can use for 15-30 days or longer with limited features. Try them out and see what works for you.

For example, I have been using the free version of Tailwind for a month now and I have hit my 100 auto-scheduled pins limit.

As I go about upping my social media game, I will purchase a subscription from Tailwind.

There are other tools I am interested in too, but those will have to wait for now.

Enjoying the post so far? Please consider subscribing.

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Take Time for Self-care

All work and no play make you a dull person. Remember to take some time off every now and then.

When you hustle hard, you are likely to burn out fast if you don’t take care of yourself.

Using the Pomodoro technique will take care of your work hours but take some time to chill outside of your work hours too.

I know it may be difficult for some of you but self-care does not necessarily mean spending a weekday afternoon in the spa (wouldn’t that be nice though?)

Self-care can be something as simple as spending 15 minutes in the shower instead of 5 minutes.

Or, perhaps watching a few funny cat videos on YouTube for 10 minutes may make you forget your worries.

Think about the little things that make you happy. And find the time to do those things.

Educate Yourself

Blogging is a fast-evolving medium and you need to keep yourself up-to-date.

Every day, I am reading about social platforms changing their algorithm and I don’t even know how exactly that affects my work.

By the time you come up to speed with Technology X, another technology will come knocking at your door. Therefore, it is very important to stay up to date.

Schedule time in your calendar (daily, weekly, or monthly) to educate yourself, whether through free webinars, articles, blog posts, or through paid courses.

My Facebook feed is mostly filled with blogging-related posts because that’s what I am focusing on these days. But I cannot afford to spend too much time reading long articles or watching webinars for hours every day.

So, I save the article links throughout the week, and on Thursdays, I open those links and read them. Or, if I have enrolled for a course, I will go through that course.

With time and with the aforementioned tips, I am slowly settling into the bloggers’ groove and finding my pace. I can literally feel some of my fears and stress addressed.

I am determined to create more and better content in the near future. I hope you will stick around. 🙂

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  1. These are all some excellent suggestions! After I have set a rough schedule for our month, I take out our weekly planning sheet, where I chose the top 5 most important goals for the week. I spend time figuring which day each item will be done and that lessens my anxiety and I am able to move forth and feel productive as I cross things off that list. There is a pre-planning area for the following week, so if I finish early, I try to grab a few things off the future list to get done. And, of course, if I did not complete items from the past week,s list, than I go back and re-evaluate whether this is a goal that needs to be rescheduled or delegated or deleted altogether. Thanks for sharing!

  2. These are some great ways to help get everything under control as a blogger. But, these are also great productivity habits for anyone who is working online. Especially the Pomodoro Technique! Thanks for sharing them with us Mala.

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