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Have you heard of Buzzfeed quizzes? Never mind; scrap that because I know you have. New question: have you tried a Buzzfeed or similar quiz? Come on, no shame! I have taken SO many quizzes it’s embarrassing. Here are some I remember:

  • Which Disney princess are you?
  • Which city should to move to?
  • Which vegetable are you? (Say, what?!)
  • What type of a mom are you? (Panda!)
  • Are you a bad mom? :-O (Okay, this was around the time the movie Bad Moms was showing, but I tell you, mom guilt is real!)

That said, over time, these quizzes faded into the oblivion because I stopped using my personal Facebook profile. It was part of my “simplify life” action plan. That was two years ago. If it weren’t for this website and its FB page, I wouldn’t be on Facebook at all.

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Anyway, back to the quizzes. Recently, I was introduced to *Interact, a quiz builder aimed at lead generation. And I thought “hey that’s a very cool idea!” Online quizzes don’t have to be silly; they can be used for education too. After all, that’s why someone came up with the concept of quizzing. Right?

So then, what if you could use quizzes to help your readers identify their strengths and weakness or find their life or career paths? All the while still growing your brand by generating leads!

That’s exactly what *Interact does.

How to Create a Quiz That Converts

Why you should create a quiz

Any idea why these quizzes are so popular among users of all age groups? Curiosity, yes but also the element of interaction is a great lure.

As a blogger, you publish a lot of content and your readers lap it all up. But do you know who among all your readers benefit the most from your content? The ones who retain the information. Typically, these are people who write notes or key learning points from your published content. In other words, they interact with your content passively.

Interaction is a very powerful way of drawing your readers into your realm. It gives them the sense of being in control because of active engagement. Engaged readers are absolutely primed for investing in your brand–mentally if not monetarily.

How YOU can use a quiz to generate leads

As a blogger, there is a lot you can do with quizzes. But for the purpose of a lead-generating system, like *Interact, you can create quizzes that help your readers:

  • Identify their strengths and weaknesses
  • Provide a roadmap for growth
  • Select a product or service you offer
  • Provide entertainment (BuzzFeed-ish)

Consequently, as a businessperson, these quizzes will help you:

  • Gain insights into your niche audience
  • Segregate your audience into relevant email sequences and sales funnels
  • Build engagement
  • Break monotony

Ready to start creating your own quizzes?

Download your free list of engaging quiz ideas!

Features of an effective quiz (and how you can create one)

  • Choose a relevant topic: Before anything else, make sure the quiz is relevant to your readers. Make it fun (or silly–your choice!) or seriously educational, but it should ultimately be about the information your readers are looking for. For example, if the goal of your quiz is to collect emails, create it for people who would be willing to trade their email IDs for your content. Make the quiz very targeted, just as you do for your content.
  • Use informal language: Write in the second person, as if talking to your audience. And make it personal. Earn your reader’s trust. Highly formal language acts as a hindrance to building relationships. It will deter your audience from investing their time and energy in your quiz.
  • Write a compelling headline: Spend some time coming up with a headline that will pique your readers’ curiosity. This will be your audience’s first impression of your quiz. Write a headline that is engaging, relevant, and clear. If you need help coming up with compelling headlines, read this post I wrote earlier.
  • Add a descriptive subheading: Sometimes–not always–you may need to write a subheading that describes the goal of the quiz in a more descriptive way. This will usually happen when your headline elicits curiosity but is vague. For example, Which Disney Princess Are You? Is a great headline but which characteristics of a princess personality are the quiz focusing on is unclear–is it their wistfulness, leadership, beauty, and so on. Alternatively, you could also use the subheading to deliver the benefit of participating in the quiz. How will the reader benefit by attempting your quiz?
  • Ask relevant questions: Once you have decided the headlines and style, it’s time to draft the question stem. Unless you are an entertainment channel, you should write useful, realistic questions. Your readers will go to BuzzFeed if they want to binge-participate in whimsical quizzes. They come to you for information. Make it worth their while. For example, if you quiz title is “What is your blogging personality?” you should avoid questions that ask them who their favorite US President of all time is! It’s just not relevant.
  • Present plausible options: As with the question stem, write options that are plausible. For example: If you quiz is “How much money will you make this week from your side hustle?” it’s highly unlikely it would be “1 million US dollars.” Don’t offer what you cannot provide.
  • Write positive results: Your readers have invested their time and energy in your quiz for this–the result. In a lead-generating quiz, you will collect the readers’ email IDs right before the results and instead of displaying the result on the current page, you will email the results to them. Now, here comes the important part: when they open your “result” email, they are curious and hopeful. They want to see a result that is relevant but also inspiring, positive, and uplifting. Nobody wants to be told they are losers and there is no hope for them. Craft your results in a way that is sensitive and personal. You will also earn brownie points if the result includes action items for the readers–what can they do to improve the status quo?

I would recommend spending the most time writing your results page followed by the headline. If you are creating a personality quiz, come up with the personality types (results) first and then work backward to create the quiz content.

And there you have it–the secret to creating an awesome quiz. If you want to create your own quiz, *Interact makes it really easy for you to do that. You simply populate some text fields, select the HTML code generated by the *Interact system, and paste it into your website’s content window. Their interface is easy-to-use and comes with a great set of user manuals.

As if that wasn’t enough, I have put together a list of ideas you can use to create your quizzes. It’s all yours for free. 

Pin for later. 

A solid way to build engagement on your blog is to create quizzes. This post explores tips to create quizzes that are not only engaging but also earn you email subscribers.
Want to create a quiz for your audience? Download a free list of quiz topic ideas for profitable blog niches.

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