How to use videos to elevate the level of your course

Fifteen years ago, when I started working as a course creator for multinationals, online courses more or less meant text-based flip-books. At most, some screens displayed a single static image–sometimes as an explainer; sometimes as an eye candy. Over time, the trend moved towards narration-based courses, wherein, there was less onscreen text. Only the keywords […]

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The ethics of pre-selling your online course

As a business owner, you may have heard the term “pre-sell” several times. This is nothing but selling the promise of a completed product or service in the future.  Typically, you research the market to find out whether there is even a need for your program (validate idea) and THEN pre-sell it to all or […]

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Is it ever too early to launch your first course?

Creating and selling online courses or programs is a fantastic way to serve a wider audience without sacrificing all your waking hours. But when are you really ready to launch your first course or program? Well, first of all, I am of the firm opinion that blended programs trump standalone courses every time. Too many […]

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