Are you selling to the wrong group?

We are all in the business of selling solutions.  These solutions—whether products or services—are meant to alleviate the problems faced by a specific group of people. This is your clientele. But this group is not necessarily the same as your audience.  If anything, your clientele is a subset of your audience. As business owners, it […]

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Easy Tips to Create Engaging Content Pieces

As an online business owner, you need to create and share regular content pieces with your target audience. While you will position some of your content pieces as value-building, free advice, there will also be plenty that will be used as marketing collateral. Or, it perhaps it could be the content for your next big […]

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How to build your personal marketing team for $0

Want your students to eagerly share their transformation stories with others? Here’s how to convert your students into your biggest marketing plan.

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