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Why are most business owners keen to create a course?

Although generating an income is high on the list of any course creator, I bet transforming lives through courses and programs ranks right up there in the list of reasons too.

But how does one transform lives through courses?

Videos? No

Text? No

Freebies? No

Facebook group? No

Email support? No

Add whatever you want to in the list above, the answer will be NO.

The ONE thing that transforms lives is to put the recipient at the center of it all.

And that’s where most courses fail.

Creators are creating courses from their standpoint. Creators are creating courses to stand out from the crowd. Creators are creating courses that are the epitome of fancy.

No, those things don’t matter.

What creators need to do instead is allow their students to fall and rise. They need to hand the control of the course to the students. They need to customize the teaching according to the student’s learning style.

When you put your student at the center of your decision, your courses and programs will automatically stand out from the rest.

There is nothing more satisfying than to share your knowledge, and to take someone under your own wings and nurture their minds and hearts.

But here’s the other thing:

When you facilitate life-changing transformations for your students, you automatically convert those students into your biggest marketing plan. This is because your content is so good, your students can’t wait to share their stories of transformation with their family, friends, and online followers.

So, the next time you are ready to launch, remember to create content that will earn you an army of raving fans doing the promotion for you.

Want your students to eagerly share their transformation stories with others? Here's how to convert your students into your biggest marketing plan.

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